Laboratory and Quality Control

Optical Emission Spectrometers used for analysis different low-alloy steels, manganese steels, stainless steels and nickel-based and cobalt-based super-alloys, and cast iron

Creep testing machines for testing creep of samples up to 1500℃

Tension, Pressure, and bend testing machines for testing pressure and tension of samples up to 250 KN

Impact testing machines for testing impact up to 300 J

Fixed and portable hardness test devices for testing the hardness of iron-based, copper-based, aluminum-based and cast iron

Metallography microscopes equipped with a camera for analyzing microstructures of all metals

Hydrostatic testing machines for testing pieces semi-automatically up to 350 bar pressure

Digital Ultrasonic (UT) testing devices for analyzing the type and geometry of internal defect in pieces

MT testing machine for analyzing surface defects of pieces

Nine-liter multi-functional Heat treatment Furnace used for heat treating steels of laboratorial samples up to 1200℃

All kinds of touchable thermocouple; melting and visual touch

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